Coaches get 100s if not 1000s of emails a week.

How will your athlete make an impression to coaches so they are more likely to read your updates?

Our NXT LVL coaches will help your student-athletes with the following for emails:

  • Setting up their initial email to coaches introducing themselves
  • Working with them to set up a realistic schedule of sending emails to coaches
  • Creating emails to coaches that will stand out more
  • Sending emails to coaches following a tournament, camp, or showcase
  • Following up with your athletes and making sure they are keeping that line of communication consistent with college coaches


Our coaches will be emailing on a needed base, at least once a week. 

On average, throughout all sports and divisions, college coaches receive only 7 phone calls per week.

Although there is no specific number for softball coaches, we can probably assume it is less than 7 calls on average in a week.

A great way to stand out to college coaches is creating that connection through phone calls.


Our NXT LVL coaches will help your student-athlete with the following for phone calls:

  • How to set up a phone call meeting
  • Prepare for the initial phone call
  • Ways to be professional on calls
  • How to have a give and take conversation
  • Appropriate cadence
  • How to leave a voicemail

 Coaching will be done through emails and occasional phone conversations

*Note, your athlete cannot have phone call conversations with college coaches of Division 1 schools until September 1st of their Junior year and June 15th of the Sophomore year going into their Junior year for Division 2 schools. They can have them at any time with Division 3, NAIA and Junior College schools.

Let The Communication Begin!